How to apply for accommodation in 6 steps

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ALL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS (except Campus France grant holders) who require university accommodation must complete an International Student Accommodation Application (Dossier Logement Etudiant International) every year between 15th January and 31th May. You mustn’t wait for your examination results to apply.

Before entering your International Student Accommodation request, you must first check prices on the websites of the different Crous concerned and apply for an accommodation corresponding to your budget.

To request an International Student Accommodation , you have to apply on internet. Your application has a national value: you can enter a maximum of 4 university accommodations choices for various academies. It will always be possible to modify your file, including your accommodation wishes, later. It is highly recommended to make various accommodation choices.

IMPORTANT : communication with Crous is done only by e-mail and SMS messages and therefore you must:

  • Ensure that your e-mail address and telephone number are inputted correctly
  • Check your e-mail inbox regularly, including the spam/junk mail
  • Inform Crous of any changes to your contact details so you are easily contactable

Filling in your International Student Accommodation Application :   Help on line

If you already have an account on (you have applied for an accommodation during the last two years or if you have a Lokaviz or Jobaviz account), you must click on « Login » and then « Demande DSE Bourse/logement”

If you do not have an account on yet, you must create one via the registration form. When your account is created (this may take a few days), you receive an email with a link you must click to confirm your account creation. Then, to enter your housing request, you must click on « Login » and then « Demande DSE Bourse/logement

  1. Confirm your application: don’t forget to note down your application numbers, the date you completed your application and your password then click on “Enregistrer” (save) at the bottom of the page. These details will be useful for you to follow, step by step, the processing of your application on the Crous de Bordeaux website
  2. You will receive a 1st e-mail containing a link which you need to click on in order to confirm the registration of your application
  3. Within 48 hours you will receive a 2nd e-mail: the application you completed will be in an attachment
  4. Print your application, complete it and if need be, make changes or corrections in pen, date and sign it
  5. Send your application within 8 days with all the supporting documents required, not stapled, without paper clips and in a large envelope so as not to fold the documents, to the following address and ONLY TO THIS ADDRESS, by regular mail (no delivery against signature) :

TSA 44012


Once your application is received, it will be digitized in order to be processed.

Important: if you send your application directly to Bordeaux, its processing will be delayed

To complete your accommodation application, click here


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